App to Calculate the Fertility Period: The wait is over

Find the ideal app to calculate your fertility period and increase the chances of getting pregnant faster!


Nowadays, we can count on apps for everything, including apps to calculate your fertility period.

If you are CTT (which means “trying to conceive”) and want to make this process as efficient as possible to increase the chances of a pregnancy, these apps can be an excellent option.

Basically, all you need to do is add the start and end dates of your period every month and it will calculate your fertility period.

So, check out below the best apps to calculate your fertile period!

App to calculate your fertility period

Bests Apps to calculate the Fertility Period

Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend is an app especially for expectant moms to observe and record all signs of fertility. These records help the app to more accurately predict the days when you are fertile, that is, the best days to get pregnant.

The app is free, but it also offers a $45 per year premium plan where you get access to more functionality and advanced features like a message board, detailed analysis of your fertility signs, and intercourse time analysis.

The Fertility Friend app has more than 15 years of experience and already has more than 650,000 pregnancy records. It is also considered to be the pioneer in online fertility charting apps.


Glow uses a woman’s personalized data to help her identify her fertility days and conceive more quickly.

The app is also free with an option to upgrade to the premium plan for $48 per year or $60 for a lifetime membership. The premium subscription offers detailed charts, guided meditation to help women in times of stress and comparison of symptoms with other users who are experiencing the same situation.


Clue is a smart application that has an algorithm to calculate and predict your own cycle in a personalized way. Plus, it tracks emotions, sleep, mood, cervical fluid, skin, and more. Clue also improves the forecasts every cycle according to the recorded data, making it as accurate as possible.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker is a completely free application that tells you when your period is approaching, avoiding being caught by surprise, in addition to making it easier to identify your fertile period with simple graphs and input for data records.

Ovia Fertility period

Ovia is a complete app that incorporates different fertility and health indicators such as your sleep, eating habits and ovulation prediction. The person responsible for developing the algorithm claims that the app can help you get you pregnant to three times faster than the national average. Ovia is also a free app.


Kindara offers some extra features that users really like. In addition to tracking your fertile period and ovulation through graphs, Kindara is able to monitor your basal temperature and your cervical fluid for reliable information.

This is because this set of information informs you about your hormone levels, which is another parameter used by Kidara to predict the best time to try to conceive.

Kindara is a free app that works most efficiently if you buy the branded thermometer for $129 and sync it with the app.


Through a portable monitor that measures saliva and cervical mucus, called OvaCue, the app predicts ovulation up to 7 days in advance. The OvaCue monitor costs about $299.


Daysy is a fertility tracker synced with the app that can track your menstrual cycle. It uses daily basal temperature readings, ensuring a fertility period calculation accuracy of 99.3%. It costs $422.50. Also, you can share your information with your partner, making it easier for the couple to exchange information.

Track your fertility period with your partner!

What’s the most accurate fertility period app?

Many of the apps that we showed here have similar functions, with more resources than others. When you are trying to conceive, apps that calculate your fertility period significantly increase the chances of getting pregnant.

But not only that, the apps are also very useful to track your period date and prevent unexpected bleeding, identify irregular bleeding, unusual mucus patterns and other important records to be informed when going to the doctor.

Despite the different apps available, according to the information we provide about each one of them, you can choose the one that best suits your profile, your needs and financial availability, as some are charged by the items or annual fees.

It is important to remember that the apps are only an aid so you can reach your goals faster or monitor your menstrual cycle, but in no way they replace a doctor’s appointment.

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