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American Express Gold Credit Card might be the one that you need!

American Express Gold - Travel, rewards and safety benefits!


The American Express Gold Credit Card, a treasure among low-cost travel cards, will elevate your credit experience. This card offers unrivaled travel perks, from extensive insurance coverage to cheap car rentals and access to airport lounges, all seamlessly managed through Nedbank's digital platforms. Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other current payment methods.


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Take advantage of prizes that grow as you earn points, movie discounts, and coupons. While providing quality benefits, its low monthly cost and free extras stand out. The American Express Gold Credit Card shines with its ease, value, and travel-friendly features for those looking to embark on a rewarding credit journey. Check out our article regarding a full review for more information, and if you are already convinced, check out how to apply!

Membership rewards card
Earn points
Travel Insurance
Low Fees

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The American Express Gold Credit Card is available to anyone whose gross monthly income is R17,000.00 or more.

The American Express Gold Credit Card has a R70.00 monthly service charge.

The card offers access to domestic Bidvest Premier Club lounges, travel insurance up to R4 million, and discounts on Avis and Hertz car rentals.

By signing up for the membership rewards program, cardholders can earn prizes and receive points for every R5.00 spent with their card.

Upon applying for the credit card, new cardholders receive 5000 welcome membership rewards points. Spending R10,000.00 or more within the first three months will get you extra points.

If you are looking for a card that can give you premium benefits and insurance, make sure to take a look at the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card!

With him, you have access to the Nedbank Rewards system, discounts, and travel insurance so you can rest assured that you are covered. Make sure to take a look!

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card full review!

Nedbank Platinum Card is a premium feature for the people who can apply for them, with an array of exclusive benefits!

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