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Absa Bank Student Credit Card might be a good option for you!

Absa Bank Student Credit Card - Build your credit score with them!


The ABSA Bank Student Credit Card provides access to rewards and prudent credit use. Students may control expenditures and make money while they spend thanks to the Absa Rewards and Advantage cashback rewards program, which has no monthly fees and interest-free terms of up to 57 days. Gain access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge and benefit from R1 million in travel insurance.


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This card gives students access to online banking resources in addition to cultivating a solid credit history. The ABSA Student Credit Card is a necessary ally for campus life since ABSA gives students the freedom to set out on a path of financial development. Check out our article regarding a full review and one regarding how to apply if you want to learn all the ins and outs of the card!

No monthly Fees
Build Credit History
Absa Rewards
Digital Banking

You will remain in the same website

To be eligible, you must be enrolled full-time at an approved institution and earn at least R800 per month in salary or benefits.

When you pay with your card, you may receive cash back with Absa Rewards. You may also get immediate Absa Advantage benefits by finishing tasks on the Absa Banking App.

Through the 24/7 Absa Banking App or Absa Online Banking, you may manage your card, report fraud, change daily restrictions, and carry out other banking tasks.

Yes, R1 million in automatic basic cover for travel emergencies, including medical coverage and 90 days of automatic basic travel insurance, is provided with the Absa Student Credit Card.

Yes, you can use your card, smartphone, or wearable device to make quick and secure contactless payments at any point of sale machine in the globe.

If you have a lot of income, want exclusivity, and are long gone of being a student, make sure to take a look at the FNB Private Wealth Credit Card.

Interest-free transactions, metal cards, access to private bankers, this card has it all! Take a look!

FNB Private Wealth Credit Card Full review!

For those with incredibly high incomes, FNB has developed a card that has all the benefits that you might need. Check it out!

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