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The Absa Bank Gold might be the card you need

Absa Bank Gold Credit Card - Cash Rewards and exclusive airport lounge


With the Absa Gold Credit Card, elevate your financial path. This premium card is a doorway to limitless value and offers a world of perks catered to your lifestyle. Enjoy safe online and offline shopping, take advantage of cash back incentives with the Absa incentives program, and benefit from exclusive access to airport lounges.


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This card represents ease and empowerment since it offers contactless payments, smooth digital banking, and the chance to establish a credit history. Don't pass up the opportunity to achieve a new level of financial independence. Get the Absa Gold Credit Card today to open up a world of opportunities. Check out our article regarding a full review and other about "How to apply" for more information!

Secure Shopping
Cashback rewards
Airport Lounge
Travel insurance

You will remain in the same website

The card provides contactless payments, safe online shopping, cash back rewards of up to 30%, access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge, travel insurance, lost card protection, unique Visa privileges, and chances to establish your credit history.

Through the Absa Rewards program, you may receive up to 30% actual cash back on purchases made in a number of different categories, including grocery, gas, and health care, as well as at a few chosen partner stores.

Yes, there is a monthly account fee of R25.00 and a monthly facility fee of R30.00.

Yes, the card has contactless payment options that let you touch your card, smartphone, or wearable device to any point-of-sale machine in the globe to make a purchase.

The card offers you freedom for your spending requirements with a credit limit of up to R90,000.

If you are a student or know someone who is going to college right now and wants to start their credit life the correct, make sure to show them the Absa Bank Student Credit Card!

You will have access to digital banking, and rewards and you will be able to start your credit score with one of the most renowned banks in the country, check it out!

Absa Bank Student Credit Card full review!

If you are a student and wants to begin your credit life right, make sure to take a look at how this card can help you out!

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