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Absa Bank Flexicore Credit Card might be the card that you need!

Absa Bank Flexicore - Build your credit score the right way!


With the Absa Bank Flexicore Credit Card, open up new financial opportunities. It provides incentives through Absa incentives, convenient digital banking, and exclusivity as your first step toward building a solid credit history. Travel insurance and lost card protection might give you piece of mind.


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Pay anywhere by swiping, scanning, or tapping. Plus, it's ideal for newbies because there is a minimal entrance barrier and a focus on credit accumulation. To begin your credit journey with confidence, apply right away. Check out our article regarding the full review if you need any more information, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check out our “How to apply” article for more intel! Take a look!

Credit Builder
Absa Rewards
Digital Banking
Travel insurance

You will remain in the same website

The Absa Bank Flexicore Credit Card is a specially created credit card that offers advantages like cash back incentives, digital banking capabilities, and travel insurance while assisting you in building a credit history.

You may build a good credit history, which is necessary for future financial pursuits like loans and mortgages, by using the Flexicore Credit Card responsibly and paying your bills on time.

Through the Absa Banking App or Absa Online Banking, you can conveniently manage your card, report fraud, set daily card limitations, and more. This gives you control over your funds.

Contact Absa Bank immediately at 0800 111 155 to report the loss or theft of your card and receive assistance with card replacement.

Yes, you will get access to special Visa Global Merchant promotions that will improve your shopping.

If you are long gone from the beginning to build your credit, have already a high income, and wants to have exclusive benefits and offers, make sure to check out the Absa Private Banking Visa Signature Credit card!

Global Acceptance, exclusive Visa offers and a24/7 private assistance is among the many benefits this card has to offer, if you manage to have the requirements for it, take a look!

Absa Private Banking Visa Signature Full review!

Absa Bank, in partnership with Visa, created an amazing credit card whose features and benefits are very good for the owner. Check it out!

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